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Hi, I have set up Purple Helmet Motorbikes or PHM for short, as an extension of my hobby over many years of buying, trying..... wanting a change and thus - selling, motorbikes (and sports cars). I have always been fanatical about cleaning (these days referred to as detailing!) and enjoy bringing anything I own up to as near as new condition as possible. Consequently anything I sell will be in superb condition. I try to only buy what I like both to look at and to ride and in excellent condition with low mileage full service history and low ownership if at all possible. I also only buy from people I like and give me confidence they have cherished their motorbike and perhaps more importantly are "mechanically sympathetic" like myself, i.e... no revving the hell out of the engine from cold start, no tyres that look like Valentino Rossi has been racing against Marc Marquez on it, no road rash and definitely with no "bling". And of course regular servicing. I am a sole trader whose other interest was owning a FLORIST shop - recently handed on! (yep - I know, a very common "my other job is"...not!) and I can deliver within a 100 mile radius at a reasonable cost. So all in all I aim to have SUPERB motorbikes, be really genuine, helpful and sincere, and enjoy the world of motorbiking before I am too old.

below are bikes currently for sale & recently sold

My philosophy is simple:       Truth & Time = Trust

I normally only have 3-4 bikes available at any one time and try to be very selective so no-one wastes their time coming to look.  Viewings are by appointment so please call me FREE on 0800 772 0989 or email me: purplehelmetmotorbikes@gmail.com
Thanks for looking :D