I bought this gorgeous bike with a view to keeping it for myself as I have wanted one for a while & much more powerful than a Dominator which I have owned & loved several before & mainly because they are incredibly rare PLUS shaft drive. However, some lucky person is going to get it instead as with a heavy heart I have decided to do a U-Turn & concentrate on my SL350 restoration & enjoy that. (Probably going to regret this decision & wish I had kept both but I am also restoring an FZR1000 Genesis so I have no room!)

When I bought the bike recently, the only UK owner had imported it himself in early 2019 from Italy & said it was in great condition. He is now 69 has only done 700 dry miles in his 2 years of ownership & decided as not being used & quite heavy for him he would sell it. HOWEVER what he didn't tell me was that this stunning example was subject to a 2 year complete restoration in Italy by a Honda specialist and literally everything has been done so it is way way better than I was expecting. By chance I found the original Italian advert for it & have copy & pasted a translation of Italian to English for that advert. I have been out today dodging the puddles where possible to take some decent photos & she rides superbly.  The £1000's & many man hours that it would cost to have all this done would be a pretty penny & as a result this is a very desirable XLV with nothing needing doing to it.

There is no history with it as apparently the paperwork was lost by courier, however I have also attached below a photo of the original advert by World Vintage Motorcycles & if you see the bike it is superb. I obviously have the V5 & 2 MOT's though. I am 100% happy it is a very genuine example & an authentic restoration.  Not quite concours but tiny bit more tlc & it could be

SOLD - 1986 Honda XLV750R